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Advantages and disadvantages of automatic paper feeder

It is not common for domestic enterprises equipped automatic paper feeder, the common practice is manually paper feeding, or if better, semi-automatic paper feeder is used. Automatic paper feeder is a necessary production equipment in Europe, which can greatly reduce the number of paper feeding operators.Automatic paper feeder is divided into top printer paper feeder and bottom printer paper feeder. If an upper printer with push feeder, the front piling cardboard must be turned upside down before it can be used, because the cardboard coming out of corrugator is in the condition of inner layer upward and face layer downward, which is not suitable for the top printer. The top printer paper feeder is suitable for impose feeding mode for transmission. Features of automatic paper feeder: The paper can be evenly arranged into the paper feeding unit, which can meet the demand of high-speed production and greatly reduce the labor cost and labor intensity of the operator.The paper jam in the feeding section of the automatic paper feeder and the printing press is the most common problem in the production process . The reasons for this problem include:1. The width of the side baffle is quite narrow.2. The upper arch of the side baffle is too all.3. The height of the front baffle is too short.4. The speed of squaring board is too slow.5. Insufficient air pressure of the squaring board.

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